A Butchery in the Heart of Nata, Botswana

All our meat is grass fed, free range, and 100% natural. We carefully source everything ourselves, with love, respect, and care. Animals should be treated with compassion and respect.

Our Beef

Our beef comes from local farmers and will mostly be Brahman and Simmentaler Cattle. All our beef is free range, grass fed and 100% natural.

Damara Sheep

Damara sheep do very well in the dry Botswana climate. The meat is as soft as grain fed lamb without the sometimes offensive smell.

The Underrated Goat

Our boerbokke are raised on natural veld grazing. Their meat is one of the healthiest meats in the world being lean and low in cholestrol.

Truly Free Range

Raised humanely & stress-free. All our game meat is seasonal. Full of flavour, low in saturated fatty acids and contains higher iron levels than other meats.

Nata, Botswana

Nata is a village in Central District of Botswana. It is located in the northern part of the district, and near the beautiful Makgadikgadi Pans

Self Drive Tours

Self-drive travel through Botswana is a beautiful adventure. We will prepare all your meat for your trip - just send us your order and pick up.

Our Story

Fourie’s Butchery is a husband and wife owned butchery in the heart of Nata, Botswana. With a love for both nature and animals, we moved to Botswana 5 years ago without any real plan – but our journey lead us here, and we love every moment of it.


We believe that beef should be enjoyed like wine, with an appreciation for the varieties and a deeper knowledge of the source of the food you consume.


Our range of grass fed lamb meat products includes lamb chops, racks of lamb, legs of lamb, lamb roasts, lamb bacon, and much more!


Goat is very like lamb in taste but firmer in texture. Goat meat is getting quite popular and is fantastic for curries.


Game meat, or venison, is probably not a common part of your diet, but game meat can be delicious and healthful.

Biltong & Dry Wors

For a true taste of South Africa you need to try our authentic beef & game biltong. A tasty snack rich in protein, tasty and adored by people everywhere.

Meat Packs

We can put together a meat pack with all cuts and quantities you need. Just email your order, pay, & collect.

Planning on traveling through Botswana?

We not only supply meat to the locals and lodges, but we can also prepare meat for your safari through Botswana. We package any order, no matter how big or small, and you can just collect when passing through.

Contact us

Nata, Botswana (please call for directions)

+267 72 645 059

We are always happy to meet new people from all over the world. Why not stop by and we will be glad to show you, Nata, as we know and love it – take you on the road less traveled.